Frequently Asked Questions

Is there coffee?

Of course! We have coffee, tea and sometimes even snacks.

What shoes should I wear?

Since we do not have a dress code, you can wear your tennis shoes or flip flops OR the finest dress shoes in your closet. We want you to relax and be yourself. Dress comfortably.

How do children fit in at Lifesong?

Clearly, God created the family. He loves the children and so do we! They are amazing gifts. Currently, at Lifesong children worship with their families during the service. We encourage parents to lead the way–to set an example in learning about and following Jesus. We encourage children to sing, read, speak, and ask questions. We have so much to learn from one another as we grow in love and service to Jesus and each other.

What should I expect when I show up on Sunday morning at 10:30?

You can expect to meet friendly and caring people (with problems just like you). We are confident that you will feel welcome at Lifesong. As a matter of fact, if for some reason you don’t feel welcome, please let Pastor Sam know and we will correct that. We believe that every person is valuable, and we want you to know that.

What happens from 10:30 until noon while I am at Lifesong?

Here’s the short answer: From 10:30-10:40 people enjoy connecting with or without a cup of coffee. Then, the music/worship and welcome start at 10:40 a.m. Next, Pastor Sam or a guest speaker opens up the Bible and lets the Living Word speak through them. There are also times when we have an open discussion about the sermon topic; drama presentations; music groups; and other special events. The service usually closes with a song and an opportunity to respond to anything that God puts on our hearts.

What does your church do for the community?

There is no short answer to this, but here are a few things: food pantry,  Bible Study, men’s and women’s small groups, “serve your neighbor day”, drama (dessert/dinner theatre), elementary after-school Good News Clubs, Louisa community events, Alzheimer’s education, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team, including CPR first aid certification)and more.

What will you expect of me?

We ask, what is it that you want to give or receive from Lifesong? Our desire is to love, honor, and serve Jesus Christ. We hope to introduce Jesus to as many as are interested, grow in Christ, and help each other become wiser, bolder, more successful and ready to meet God when this life is over. If these things line up with your mission and goals in life, all that we expect from you is for you to want to come and be a part of the team called Lifesong.