Our Vision

A Growing Vision

    • It is the dream of a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement. | John 10:10


    • It is the dream of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the tens of thousands of residents in central Virginia. | Acts 1:7-8



    • It is the dream of developing people to spiritual maturity through small groups, Bible studies, seminars, retreats, and a Bible school for our members. | 1 Peter 2:2, John 8:31-32, 2 Peter 3:18



    • It is the dream of sending out career missionaries and church workers all around the world, and empowering every member for a personal life mission in the world. It is the dream of sending our members on short-term mission projects across the U.S. and to other continents. It is the dream of starting at least one new daughter church every third year.Mark 16:15-16, Matthew 28:18 – 20, John 15:16, Isaiah 40:9 – 11


  • It is the dream of a strategic piece of land in eastern Louisa County-with beautiful, yet simple, facilities including a worship center, a counseling and prayer center, classrooms for Bible studies and training lay ministers, and a recreation area. All of this will be designed to minister to the local person-spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

We are convinced that these dreams are on God’s heart (as seen in the Bible verses noted), and that He will enable us to accomplish them!