Day 40 – Review

We just completed the first two chapters of the book of Ephesians. How are you doing? Is God’s Word making sense? Please take time to pray and ask God to speak to you and lead you to a deeper understanding of HIM!

To review, Paul was chosen and sent by God and, in this book, he is writing to Ephesian believers (those in Ephesus who belong to Christ). Paul begins by praising God for giving all Christians many spiritual blessings, and he briefly describes at least 12 of these awards. Christians are Chosen, Made Holy and Blameless, Adopted, Given Grace, Redeemed, Forgiven, Brought into God’s Confidence, Awaiting a New Administration, and Awaiting an Inheritance. In addition, Christians have been made into Mirrors of God’s Glory, and have been Sealed with the Holy Spirit who is Given as a Pledge that Guarantees their Redemption! Indeed, those who belong to Christ are the most blessed individuals AND group of people on earth.

Next, Paul describes his prayers for the Ephesians. Paul prays for a deeper understanding of God, for a deeper understanding of His blessings, and for a deeper understanding of the power that is at work in the lives of all Christians. This is the same power that raised Christ from the dead and restored Him to heaven’s glories.

In chapter two Paul describes the condition of those lost without Christ AND their journey to belong to the Savior. He also explains why no one will boast in heaven, and he explains the great work of renewal God is doing in each believer’s life. This is a work of God that will result in a mighty masterpiece of God’s grace IN EACH LIFE.

Finally, in the last half of chapter two, we explored how God has brought both Jews and Gentiles together and is shaping them into a holy temple in the Lord. God is creating His church by transforming and uniting people. God is completing His church by fitting these same people together for His own purposes. In view of these many ideas please think with me for a few final moments. These truths are new to many people. Sometimes the idea of the church is challenging. By this I mean that many people ask, “Why should I go to church?”. In America many were taught that faith in God is a personal thing. We were taught that we can worship God better out in His creation than we can in a building. In addition, many were taught that most Christians are hypocrites. To answer these confusing messages we need a deeper understanding of the church (IT IS NOT A BUILDING) and we need a greater understanding of God’s plan to unite all Christians and use Christians to HELP ONE ANOTHER GROW. Ephesians will go into these ideas in much greater detail in the chapters to come. Of course, there are many other confusing messages. For example, many were taught that heaven, or God’s favor, is something that we work for and earn. This idea trips up more people than you dare imagine. To answer this lie we need a deeper knowledge of God’s Savior! We must see the terribleness of our sin and our total inability to save ourselves. Gladly, Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins in full, and He will accept us if we come to Him in repentance and faith. As I mentioned at the beginning of today’s thoughts, ask God to guide you! He is willing. He is patient. He is the answer to your many needs.