Day 44 – God’s Plans

Verse for today – “[the gospel], of which I was made a minister, according to the gift of God’s grace which was given to me according to the working of His power (Eph. 3:7).”

At first Paul was NOT a minister of the gospel. He was Jewish. He was a Pharisee (these were men who knew and taught the Law and who were well known legal experts). Paul was also a PERSECUTOR of Christians. But God changed his heart and made him into a minister of the gospel. The Greek word here for minister literally means a servant. The idea is of someone who ministers to others by serving them. Paul became a servant of the gospel (the Good News of salvation in Jesus)! How did this happen?

Paul says he became a servant of the gospel as a gift of God’s grace! He also says it was by the working of God’s power! Tomorrow we will look at exactly what Paul did as a minister of the gospel; but, for today think about the huge change God made in Paul’s life. Paul had plans, but God had different ones. Paul had plans, but God had bigger ones.

Recently one of my favorite Christian teachers, Ravi Zacharias, died. Do you know that when he was young, he felt like such a failure that he tried to commit suicide? But God had other plans for Ravi and used him world-wide to help many people find the Savior.

God has plans for you as well, dear Reader. Good plans! Eternal plans! HE wants to bless you and use you for eternal things. HE wants to make you a blessing to others!