Sermons on Habakkuk

Eyes Wide Open – Week 8

This sermon, the eighth in the series “Eyes Wide Open” was first presented on December 11, 2016. In this message, Pastor Sam finishes the book of Habakkuk. Habakkuk’s prayer shows us that we can be joyful despite problems because God is with us. We can be filled with peace and gladness while our eyes are wide open to conflict in the world because we are filled with Him.

Eyes Wide Open – Week 7

This sermon, first presented on 12/4/16, continues on the life of Habakkuk and is 7th in the series “Eyes Wide Open.” Pastor Sam looks closely at Habakkuk’s prayer of worship. Habakkuk tells us about God’s power through miracles He did for His people. God showed His wrath against evil, but offered (and still offers) Salvation and protection for His people; those who follow Him.

Eyes Wide Open – Week 5

In this sermon, 5th in the series “Eyes Wide Open,” Pastor Sam focuses on God’s “barometer” by reading from Habakkuk. Is God’s barometer stuck when we don’t see Him move when we think He should? When we see injustices, we can be assured that God will respond. Pastor Sam shows us in the Bible that God’s justice arrives in His own time.

Eyes Wide Open – Week 2

This sermon, first presented on 10/30/16, is 2nd in the series “Eyes Wide Open” and continues the story of Habakkuk. In the first week, Pastor Sam walked us through Habakkuk’s questions to God. This week, we see that Habakkuk receives answers about what God will do to address all of the troubles around us. God is not ignoring our sorrows, but will deal with the sin in the world in His own time and way. Additionally, God did not leave us without hope, but offers us freedom and salvation through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus.

Eyes Wide Open – Week 1

This sermon, the 1st in the series, “Eyes Wide Open” was presented on Oct 16, 2016. In the lesson, Pastor Sam describes how Habakkuk lived during a time of great political and societal turmoil. Our own world looks very similar to Habakkuk’s. However, we need to approach our world with our eyes wide open; with the hope of our Savior who can calm and protect us from the storms around us.